Thursday, October 4, 2012

Barney style re-cap

Today I finally picked up my residence permit in the Hague. If I had to sum up my first three months in Europe "Barney style" I would say.... (deep inhale)

I came to the Netherlands, started work the next day, went to Gentsefeest, cleaned up a flood in our room, visited CABI, went climbing in France, lost my purse and all my ID when the car was broken into, drove 6 hours from France to the Netherlands with a bag over the passenger window, reapplied for a passport, went to Lowlands and Appelpop, saw a huge parade of fruit, had visitors from Canada, Germany and the US, canoed around Utrecht twice, went to the Canadian embassy 4 times, moved from a room to an apartment, got a lot of used furniture, took two Afrikan dance lessons, and started supervising an italian Erasmus student and helping out with a course at the university of Wageningen.

At the Gentse feesten, with a real GENT (this is the traditional dress for the inhabitants during this 10 day festival)!

Beautiful wall-fungus from the room flood

Chillin' in Basel, this was before our climb in les Vosges where our car was busted into and my stuff was stolen

Lovely visit from Inka- at the Miffy square close to our new place (we didn't know that when this picture was taken though)

YES this is float is made of fruit! At the Fruitcorso in Tiel
Appelpop festival, that same day!

Laurie and me, on the beach in Scheveningen

 Netherlands Institute of Ecological Research, across from the Wageningen main campus

Laurie in a canoe on the Oudegracht in Utrecht

Canadian Embassy in The Hague (Den Haag)

It's been a whirlwind couple of months. October plans are looking busy as well... and I will even be back to Ottawa for a Canadian Thanksgiving and my Opa's 80th birthday!!! 

Hopefully by November the rush will finally subside and I can resume my homemaking in our new place:) Pictures of all that to follow...